Waking up every morning with a desire to get ‘Size Zero’, motivated me to hit the Gym. The moment I stepped on the tread mill made me wonder how models motivate themselves to work out on a regular basis. In spite of all the mirrors, the ambience, Music, TV etc at the Gym, It was still a big drag for me to get out of bed and hit the gym. When I realized that this is not my cup of tea, I decided to try Sports, as suggested by a close friend. There are very few organized sport in the city, for a girl to play regularly.  Tennis came as my solution to this problem. So I went and enrolled myself in the neighborhood tennis centre. It turned out to be the inspiration that I was looking for. I just loved it from day one since the session was fun, Intense and challenging as well.  I was also made to feel  totally comfortable in my interactions with the coaches and fellow players.

Later I read several articles on the internet by researchers who all claimed unanimously that Tennis was rated higher than any other sport when it came to helping people live longer.  Tennis was rated higher than even activities like Running, Swimming, Gymnastics, Dancing, etc. Experts say that Tennis not only offers the usual physiological benefits but also offer additional mental health and social benefits perhaps unique to the sport. In my experience, the entertainment value that playing tennis offers, is much higher than watching my favorite movie, not to mention the immense satisfaction of an intense workout. It is also heartening to see octogenarians actively playing social doubles every morning at the court and it goes to prove everything that the experts had to say.

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