Red, Orange and Green Courts

Beginner program:

This program gives children the basic fundamentals of tennis playing, including all basic tennis strokes. Players also learn how to serve, rally and score within a very short time. This class will also teach correct technique, footwork and ball control aspects in a more game based situation. Classes run for an hour per session, thrice each week.

The fees per quarter (three months) for this program is INR.6000/-

Intermediate program

As a progression from the Beginner level, players learn consistency, hitting to different targets, and are introduced to playing with a variety of spin. More serve and return activities are incorporated at this stage. Classes run for an hour per session three or five times a week.

The fees per quarter (three months), 3 sessions per week for this program is INR.6000/-  and INR.10000/- for 5 sessions a week program.