Our mental training program can successfully address the
following aspects and guarantee results:

  1. MOTIVATION: We help the players to stay motivated and persevere
    through all the mental coupled with physical hard work and grinding, required
    to realise their true potential. The atmosphere at CTC is very friendly and
    joyful, that actually camouflages the intense hard work that is elicited from
    each individual in every moment of each session, 6 days a week throughout the
  2. FLOW OR PEAK PERFORMANCE STATE: Reaching the state of flow in
    competition is the ultimate goal of any player in any sport. When a player is
    in a state of FLOW, everything happens automatically without any conscious
    control, confidence is supreme and doubt doesn’t even enter the mind, time
    slows down and the player is able to see the ball with so much clarity and the
    player simply transcends levels. It is also the most enjoyable experience that
    a person can have in their life. Even though this state has so much of
    positivity attached to it, it remains elusive and is only a rare occurrence in
    many players career. We at CTC understand all the aspects that are required to
    reach the Flow state and we help the players reach the state repeatedly, which
    is indispensable to reach elite professional levels in tennis.
  3. HANDLING PRESSURE in competition: Are you a fantastic player in
    practice but not in tournaments? Then obviously you have not developed the
    necessary skills to handle pressure well. This is one of the very common
    problems faced by players at all levels. It is also one of the most crucial
    aspects of performance in competition. When a player learns the tweaks and
    tricks to handle pressure, they start to win a lot more.
  4. CONCENTRATION: The ability to focus on the relevant cues and to
    stay in the present is the most important skill to play tennis well, at all
    levels. The coaches of CTC are equipped with several on and off court drills
    that help the players develop the necessary concentration skills required to
    perform at the highest levels.
  5. SELF CONFIDENCE AND SELF BELIEF: It is possible to achieve elite
    levels of performance, only when the player believes that they have the ability
    to achieve it. We help the players demolish their pecking order limitations and
    help them see themselves as top performers.
  6. HANDLING EMOTIONS: The CTC team has an in depth knowledge of how
    the tennis players mind works in different situations and we have on and
    off-court exercises to enhance their ability to handle emotions. Emotional
    outbursts on court should not be seen as a character but as a skill that needs
    to be improved.
  7. GOAL SETTING: It is a well understood fact among coaches in any
    sport, that setting goals can give you a 5% advantage in competition alone. 5%
    is huge and could be the difference between winning and losing in many matches.
    Apart from the advantage, it also provides the required motivation and
    direction for day to day developmental activities. We ensure that every player
    at CTC who is working towards High Performance, sets their own goals which are
    Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound. Every session at
    CTC is a collection of miniature goals which fits into the long term
    developmental plan of the player.
  8. VISUALISATION TECHNIQUES: This is one of the key mental abilities that a
    player needs which helps at maximising their performance in competition. We spend a considerable amount of time at CTC to develop the ability to vividly visualise certain key
    aspects of performance and to use visualisation to stay positive at specific
    situations in the match.